A little about me

As a Millennial, I can barely remember what life was like before the internet.

My earliest memories of the internet and technology are from the days of hanging out in the “computer room” building a Yahoo! Geocities website on our old Windows 95.

A lot has changed since then, but my passion for digital connection has only grown stronger.

Armed with a degree in public relations (thanks, UCM!), I headed out into my post-graduate life and miraculously landed in a very cool corner of the music industry. Five years deep into this work, I’ve honed in on my digital marketing skills and how to connect those with the things I love the most.

Community is what drives me. Empathy, compassion, creativity, collaboration — these are my buzz words! I love helping people who have found innovative ways to make meaningful connections with the people of Kansas City, whether it be through music, food, environmentalism, wellness, and more.

My goal is to help you create the best digital presence possible to help further your mission.